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White flowers, yellow flowers.


Many Rivers Ministries offer education, guidance, personalization & warmth for difficult decisions and confusing times. If you are in need of a personal, meaningful, service, we can help. We can also create and perform online ceremonies for those who may not attend in person. 

Personal, creative, warm, funeral ceremonies for conventional or traditional funerals, cremation ceremonies, or graveside services/interments. We work independently with you, or with your funeral director, crematory, or cemetery. Song/vocals are available upon request.

A living wake or living funeral allows those nearing the end of life a chance to connect with loved ones in a deeply meaningful way, whether you want one last party with friends or to tie up loose ends. For those of us still living, it is a gentle and joyous beginning to the grieving process.

All end of life Ceremonies from $300

(No charge/Love offering requested for funerals/ceremonies for children under 16.)

Feeling alone in your grief? Check out the Community Events Page for support.

Nation Home Funeral Alliance
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